Wood Fence

Enhance your property with the natural beauty of FenceItForU’s Wood Fence, a timeless choice for any outdoor space. Our Charlotte, N.C.-based, veteran-owned company specializes in these classic, durable fences, offering a range of styles with a commitment to quality.

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Best Wood Fence Installers in Charlotte, NC: Your Ultimate Guide

FenceItForU is a distinguished fencing expert in Charlotte, NC offering free estimates and insured services for both residential and commercial needs. As a family and veteran owned company, we emphasize integrity and quality. Our range includes various fencing and railing types like aluminum, vinyl, wood, chain link as well as driveway gates. Enhance your property with the natural beauty of our Wood Fence, a timeless choice for any outdoor space. Rely on us for a free quote and bring the warmth and charm of our Wood Fencing to your home.

Why Choose Wood Fence Installation in Charlotte, NC?

Enhance your property’s charm and privacy with our top-notch wood fence installation services. As a trusted fence contractor, we offer picket and split rail fence options for timeless appeal and durability.

Benefits of Wood Fencing

Experience the elegance of wood fencing, offering unparalleled privacy for your home or business. Our natural wood fences blend seamlessly with surroundings, adding aesthetic appeal while ensuring security and tranquility.

Factors to Consider for Wood Fence Installation

When considering wood fence installation, we prioritize durability for a lasting investment. We emphasize a natural look to complement your surroundings while ensuring your privacy needs are met effectively.

Types of Fencing Options Available

Discover a variety of fencing options tailored to your needs. From classic privacy fences to durable timber fencing, our selection ensures style, security, and functionality for every property.

Vinyl Fence vs. Wood Fence: Making the Right Choice

Considering the durability and aesthetic appeal, choosing between vinyl and wood fences is crucial. Our vinyl fences guarantee longevity, while wood offers timeless charm. Make the right choice for enduring beauty and longevity.

Step-by-Step Process Guide for Wood Fence Installation Work

Our comprehensive guide offers a meticulous approach to wood fence installation, ensuring durability for a lasting boundary solution. Elevate your property’s aesthetic with our step-by-step process, emphasizing curb appeal and longevity.

Why Professional Installation Is Essential

Professional installation ensures expert handling of your project, guaranteeing precision and durability. Our skilled team navigates the installation process seamlessly, delivering unmatched craftsmanship. Trust a professional fence installation for superior results. Trust our pro team!

Additional Considerations for Your New Fence

Explore our selection of quality fences, including board fence options. Consider integrating access control for added convenience and privacy. Ensure your new fence complements your property aesthetically and serves its intended purpose effectively.

Discover a myriad of fencing material options, from the durability of pressure-treated wood to the sleek aesthetics of commercial and residential fencing solutions. Explore our range for your project today.

As your trusted fencing experts, we provide complimentary estimates tailored to your needs. Let us assess your fencing requirements, offering professional insights and competitive pricing without any obligation. Schedule your free estimate today!

At FenceItForU in Charlotte, NC, we offer diverse financing options for fence installation. Our tailored plans cater to varying budgets and needs, ensuring seamless installation processes. Contact us at 980-225-1699 or visit our website https://fenceitforu.com/ to explore financing solutions and enhance your property today.

Privacy Fence

We only used treated lumber. All our wood privacy fence is made of pine. Available in all sizes

Semi Private
Wood Fence

We can offer a variety of different types of semi-private wood fence.

Split Rail
Wood Fence

Split rail fence is affordable and effective. All our split rail wood is made from West Virginia pine. Also available in Cedar. 2 rail & 3 rail available.

Box Fence

Our shadow box fence is 2.5 inch an each side allowing maximum privacy.

Arched or Clamshell
Wood Fence

We offer arched or clamshell wood privacy and semi privacy fence.

4, 5, & 6 ft
Farm Fence

Available in 2 rail, 3 rail, and 4 rail. Offered in 4-foot, 5-foot, and 6-foot with or without wire.

4 ft
Picket Fence

Arched, Clamshell or Straight. Custom spacing

Frame Fence

Available with or without caps. 6′ & 8′

Wood Fence

Comes in 4′, 5′, 6′ or 8′ semi private or private